Allison Fisher’s Biography

Photo of Allison Fisher leaning on a pool table

(image source: Instagram)

Personal life and family

She is an American billiard player who was born on 24th February in the year 1968. She was born in England in a place called Cheshunt. She was nicknamed ‘The dutchess of doom.’ Her other nicknames were; ‘Fisher queen,’ ‘Barracuda,’ and ‘Alli the bug’ It is said that she was given the latter by her brother when they were still kids. She got her name Fisher from her father, who was called Peter Fisher. Alison started her billiard career way too back when she was still a kid. She developed an interest in the game at age seven. Apart from being a billiard player, she is also known to be a retired snooker player.

Career and achievements

Allison, since childhood, has been interested in sports. She participated in billiard and snooker, hockey, and even basketball. Allison is a renowned player that has left a great legacy in the sports field. She has made her name in two sports as a champion in both. The UK government has awarded her an MBE member.

Although Allison loved snooker and played pretty perfectly, she felt like their male counterpart were being given more respect, unlike them. With that, she opted to join the billiard at 12. No hard work goes unrewarded. So far, Allison has gained more than 80 pocket titles of billiard and a gold medal. She has also been awarded several world championships and several American national championships. She is indeed a champion in the world of sports.

Net worth and salary

As much as they say we do sports activities to keep fit, I greatly disagree with this because sports have been a source of income for several individuals. It is, for example, estimated that Allison’s net worth ranges between $8 million to $10 million. She depends not only on sports for her income but also on other activities. She also takes part in sponsorship programs and advertising events that add to her wealth. On top of that, Allison provides lessons to young enthusiasts, both single and group, on how to play billiards.

TV appearances

As much as she spent most of her time playing, Allison had a life outside of sport. She took part in several tv shows, which started as early as she was 14. At age 14, she appeared in ‘Swap Shop’ and ‘Terry Wagon Show’ at age 17. Allison has made several appearances for sky sports during some events of snooker. Apart from that, she delivered speeches at various clubs, say the rotary club, lions club, and several other institutions.

Social media

As much as we might have enough information about the player, it is also essential to look for her on various social media handles. Allison has a page on Twitter with 1.9k followers and 6.8k followers on Instagram. Additionally, at times, she goes live and interacts with her fans on her YouTube channel. On top of that, she has a website where you can get more information about her, her family, career, education, etc. Allison has a heart for society and believes in keeping her life to the public for maybe motivation. Allison is indeed an outstanding sportsperson who is a motivation to many young girls in the world of sports.