How to Move a Pool Table

Need Help With Moving a Pool Table – Should You Hire a Professional

Playing billiards at home can be fun. As well as whiling away your stress, it lets you sharpen your decision-making skills. However, there could be times when you need help with moving a pool table. So, how to do that? Let’s dive deeper to get information in this respect.

How to move a pool table?

Pool tables could weigh around 1,000 pounds. Their weight and bulkiness make them difficult to move. This is why it’s best to seek as much help as possible for the task.

Slate tables vs non-slate tables

First of all, figure out whether you’ve got a slate table or a non-slate table. Many billiard fanatics don’t know the material under the felt. However, a pool table includes a slate base or a base made from other materials. People who buy a table for home usually go for a cheaper alternative. If that’s the case, your table will have a different base material.

You may wonder – What does that make a difference when moving a pool table? Well, slate tables weigh a lot more than their counterparts. Also, they come at a hefty price. Best of all, these tables feature a smooth surface than other materials.

If you’re moving a table with a slate base, you’ve to move a massive weight. So, have multiple hands ready for the job. Also, more attention is required when moving a slate base table. Non-slate tables are light and easy to move.

Buy moving supplies

After determining the table base, find the right moving materials and supplies. You’ll need a screwdriver, power drill, socket wrench, and thick blankets for pool protection. Next, measure the staircase, doorways, and hallways. It’ll ensure that the items can easily pass through without any issue. If you find any problem, you can sort it out beforehand. So, don’t skip this vital step.

Disassemble the pool table

At this point, you’ve collected all tools. Now it’s all about disassembling the table. Here you may wonder how to disassemble to move or hire a professional?

Let’s discuss how to disassemble the pool table without seeking professional help. Firstly, remove the 6 ball pockets of the table. Take out the staples that put the pockets in place. If the pockets are screwed, remove them using a screwdriver.

Now, take out the side railings of the table with a socket wrench. After unscrewing the balls, remove the side rails gently. Store all screws and bolts separately and label each part clearly.

Next, remove the felt that you find on the top portion of the table. A staple remover comes in handy here. Extract each staple carefully. Don’t damage or rip the felt during the removal process. Once you safely remove the felt, focus on the slates of the table. As mentioned earlier, slates carry heavyweight. So, gather all the manpower to remove the slate base.

The slates are usually screwed in. Remove the screws using a power drill. Now, take out the slates carefully with the help of your friends. After removing the rails, pockets, and slates, get to the main body as well as the legs of the table. Remove each leg to separate them from the main structure. By this point, you’ll be left with the pool surface.

Protect all the parts

Whether you want to move the table immediately or later, make sure to wrap each part properly. Use blankets and bubble wrap for the job. If you fail to do so, the parts may get damaged and collect dust. So, don’t miss out on this point.

Reassemble the table

The reassembling process could get tricky. You’ve to put it back together as you did when you bought the table new. Follow the installation instructions you did when mounting the table for the first time. Seek help from your friends to reassemble the table.

Hire a professional

The whole process of moving a table involves a ton of legwork. Plus, you may not have enough manpower for the job. Even worse, you may injure yourself and others during the moving process. Above all, the parts of the table are likely to get damaged.

Hiring a professional is a better bet. Just choose the right person for the task. Also, tell the expert where you wish to place the parts after disassembling. That’s all! The professional will disassemble the table and move it where you want.

Bottom line

Moving a pool table to a new place can pile up on your nerves. However, you can get rid of possible issues by hiring a professional. In return for a small charge, you can get relief from possible blunders. Just ensure you choose an experienced expert that offers cost-effective services.