Jeanette Lee Biography

Personal Life

Jeanette lee is a professional billiard player who was born in July in the year 1970 in a place called Brooklyn. She was married to George Breedlove, who was a member of the pool player. The two had five children; Cheyenne Lee Breedlove, Olivia Sue Breedlove, Morgan Mitchell Breedlove, Savanah Lee Breedlove, and Chloe Andale Breedlove. Jeanette Lee was used to feeding on human beings, or instead, she used to eat human beings alive. This earned her a nickname; ”Black widow”. She chose to live in Tampa in, Florida, with her three adorable girls. She lived with her husband for some time but divorced later on.

Career and Achievements

She started her career playing pool in 1989 and turned professional in 1991. In the early 1990’s she got ranked as the first female pool player worldwide. In 2013 she was listed in the BCA and WPBA hall of fame, and in 1994 & 1998, she was ranked as the best WPBA sportsperson of the year. As early as 2001, she had already won a gold medal for the US, which made her and the entire nation proud. Besides her known profession, Lee is also an author and has so far written a variety of books, for instance, become the player to beat, among others.

Net worth

Her earnings are estimated to range from around $5 million to $7 million. She gets most of these earnings from her professional career of playing billiards. Apart from the career, she at times sources her income from the leagues and contests that her local franchise of America organizes for her. In addition to that, she has been winning several championships nationally and internationally. This has dramatically increased her income as well. However, this was affected by the covid-19 pandemic that kind of lowered her earnings.

Health and disease updates

She was in good health until the year 2021 when she was diagnosed with cancer of the ovary. The terminal disease was realized very late when it was already in its fourth stage. She started undergoing chemotherapy, and throughout her treatment, she has been grateful. At some point in time, she thanked two of her friends, Jenny and Sonya, who she says stood with her and always brought her joy. We get to see that she has always been positive and determined to fight for her health no matter what. Apart from that, we also get to know that she has scoliosis;( a sideways bending of the spine, a disease that cannot be treated). With this, she is a great supporter of those who has scoliosis.

Despite the severe diseases Lee has been battling, we get to learn a lot from her. Her achievements are a source of motivation for many youngsters. For instance, she was ranked number one worldwide by Billiards digest as the best player of the year despite fighting scoliosis. We can as well see that she managed to bring up her daughters pretty well despite being a single mother.


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KIYOUNG KIM, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class John Martinez, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons