When Should You Get New Pool Balls And Brands To Buy

Pool balls aren’t meant to last forever, but it might be worthwhile to invest in new ones now and then. There are a lot of factors that affect the lifespan of pool balls, including how often they are used. But ultimately, you should replace them when you can feel a difference in their playability.

Here are 5 signs that show that you should get new pool balls:

1. The number on the pool ball starts to fade away

This is quite obvious and is something that a lot of people overlook but you want to make sure that the numbers are visible on your pool balls. This can be a quick indicator if you need to buy new ones or if they just need a good cleaning as the paint can flake off and leave the numbers exposed.

2. Your pool balls are showing signs of wear

If you have a pool that is in a dingy or run-down area it will show on your pool balls. It can be quite hard to see but if you look closely there are signs of wear and rust on your pool balls. The paint on the numbers can be chipped off and the surface around the holes will start to oxidize. If you see these signs, then it is time to replace your pool balls with new ones.

3. You have just changed the table cloth on your pool table

You might be surprised to learn that the color of your table cloth can influence the way your pool balls react. If you are using a dark-colored cloth, it will cause your balls to move slower. You might not see this as a problem at first but you should look at it from a recreational point of view. Players will start to complain that they are not playing as well with the new balls that you have changed out. You will find that a light-colored table cloth works better with your pool balls and you will get much better play from your pool balls.

4. Trouble making shots

If you are having trouble making shots and the ball just won’t go where you want it, the reason for this may be that balls are missing from your pool table which should be ready to hit. Your balls will move and bounce differently as if someone has taken them out of the game. Something similar can also happen when you are hitting with a bad ball by mistake. This is when you may notice that your shots are not going anywhere or they even do not seem to be making any contact with the table at all.

5. Missing pool balls

If you have missing pool balls, this is a clear sign that something is not right. Whether they have been stolen or they are just off the table and sitting somewhere in the corner of your room. Missing pool balls can be a big problem but they can also be an indication that it is time to get rid of them and get new ones. It might not seem like a big deal but it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your pool ball inventory.


Top 5 pool ball brands


1) Japer Bees

Japer bees are known for their durability and their ability to outlast many different types of games such as billiards and snooker. They come in many different sizes and colors, which makes them a great choice for pool tables that have had previous ball sets.

2) Blackfox

They are made of durable resin, which makes them a strong contender for the best pool balls on the market. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes, so they can be purchased in bulk and used for all game types.

3) Aramith Tournament

These are made of acrylics and are specifically designed for speed play. They are not made for durability but they will stand up to sudden impacts, which is why they are great for tournaments. It might not seem like a major issue but it can be one of the biggest factors in your game being affected by a flat bottomed ball.

4) Collapsar Deluxe

They are one of the most attractive and stylish options. They have a unique look and they also come in many different colors. If you are looking for more style than you have with other balls, this is the choice for you.

5) Brunswick Centennial

They are one of the most popular and most used balls in the world. They have a large size and come in many different colors, which have a small nub. They are also designed for fast play and can be a great asset to any pool table.

You now know some of the most important factors to consider when you are changing your pool balls. You must take the time to look at these things before you get rid of them and buy new ones. This will ensure that your ball set is up to date and that you are not using an old or damaged set of balls.